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What Your Passport Color Really Says About You

To answer your question no, people can’t tell if you prefer winters over summer or if you if you tend to be more of a procrastinator than a proactive individual based on the color of your passport alone. So just what does your passport color really say about you? Well, for starters in many cases it can narrow down what part of the world you call home.

Passport colors are determined by government officials in each country and you may be surprised to learn how some of the colors are chosen. After doing some research on passport colors it was actually quite interesting to discover some of the politics or religious beliefs that go into the passport decision making process. The U.S. alone has had several passport colors before officially becoming navy blue in 1976. On top of that we’re getting ready to undergo another passport cover makeover and hopefully it will be as cool as Norway’s award winning design that honestly put every passport out there to shame.

Blue Passports

Passports with the color blue are typically used by countries in the “New World” which include places like the Caribbean islands, Brazil, Argentina and the U.S. The United States is known to have varying colors of passports depending on who they’re being issued to. However, our “general purpose” passport color is blue.

Red Passports

Red passports and varying shades like Burgundy are primarily used by members of the European Union. But don’t be fooled, countries with high ambitions to join the EU (like Turkey) have also changed their passport colors to match. Venezuela whiles not a part of the European Nation – but did have past ambitions to join – still reveal a red passport as opposed to blue.

Green Passports

Government officials in most Islamic states tend to use green passports due to the color’s importance in their religion. The Quran heavily references the color green and according to their beliefs the dwellers of the Paradise wear green clothes. So chances are if your passport is green you come from a country with heavy Islamic influence.

Black Passports

We’re not absolutely sure the meaning behind black passports besides the fact that they look very official, but on the practical side of things they do show less dirt and that’s great reason enough to choose the color. Counties such as Botswana and Zambia both use the color black for their official passports. However, New Zealand also uses the color black, but that may be attributed to it being one of their national colors.


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