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The 10 Rules of Packing for Your Next Vacation

If you travel frequently, you’ve probably noticed that packing your luggage properly can be somewhat of an art form. Skillfully planning how all of your belongings will fit into a space that just never feels like enough takes true talent sometimes - or just lots of practice. So if you’re going on vacation and you’re somewhat of a newbie at this, follow along to learn the 10 rules of packing for your next vacation.

  • Take half of the clothes you were planning to bring and twice the money - This is the new golden rule of packing. In the state of an emergency I’m pretty sure cash will bail you out faster than your new pair of True Religions.

  • Take only what you can fit in a carry on - Many of us can admit to probably packing a little more than needed when traveling. It’s more of a “being prepared for all possible situations” thing instead of a “vanity thing.” But for the important reasons of extra fees for luggage over the weight limit and the misfortune of losing your luggage altogether, take only what you can fit in a carry-on.

  • Put a “Fragile” Sticker On Your Luggage – Don’t you hate the helplessness associated with baggage claim? It’s literally the worst carousel ride ever. You could be standing there forever waiting for your luggage to birth its way into the world. That’s why if you absolutely have to check your luggage, it’s best to label it with a fragile sticker to ensure your bag will be on the top of the pile and one of the first off the plane. While you’re at it, attach a bold colored ribbon to help identify it from the others.

  • Mix and match – This one is pretty simple and saves you a ton of space. Bring three shirts and three “bottoms.” If you mix and match that’s 9 outfits.

  • Stick to Electronic Media – If you plan on catching up on your reading during your vacation, instead of increasing weight in your luggage try e-books. You can easily download your favs via kindle or the kindle app which you can quickly download to your phone free of charge.

  • Don’t be a diva – I know your most trusted hairdryer comes with all the bells and whistles known to man, but if you can swing it consider leaving it at home and using the hotel’s. You’ll still look gorgeous, I promise.

  • Layers are your friend – If you’re traveling during the winter months or going somewhere cold, instead of big bulky jackets and sweaters that take up a lot of luggage space, try working with layers during your travels. Thermos can go a long way in the cold.

  • Stay Away from Jeans – Okay I’ll admit it, this one is pretty hard. But if you can do it 10 points for you. The logic behind the madness of this one is that jeans absorb both dirt and odors and they’re bulky and can take a while to air dry. Try sticking to cotton and/or khaki. They’re both comfortable and economical.

  • If It Doesn’t Fit… Leave It at Home –Unfortunately we live in a world where everyone isn’t so honest. Sometimes even your hotel room isn’t safe from robbers looking for a quick score. Therefore, keep your electronics in your day pack where you know they’ll be safe. And if your electronics can’t fit comfortably in your day pack, leave it at home. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to find out someone stole your Canon EOS 80D especially when you just splurged on a new lens?

  • What You Leave, You Can Buy – Don’t over pack your suitcase with toiletries and the likes. When you reach your destination you can always pick up soap, shampoo, socks and undershirts.


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